Request for Rostered Partners in Housing Development



Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is issuing this Request for Rostered Partners in Housing Development (this Request) to establish a roster of qualified partners to develop new affordable housing in London and Middlesex. 

HDC invites submissions from qualified non-profit organizations, service agencies, and private sector companies. 

Successful proponents selected under this Request are required to enter into an agreement with HDC in order to be placed on the Roster (Rostered Partners).  Selected Rostered Partners, determined at the sole discretion of HDC, shall then be invited to respond to specific HDC development projects on an "as and when required" basis.

This Request is not a tender call or request for proposals. 

HDC is not obligated in any manner to any Rostered Partner in respect of a HDC development project unless and until a written contract is entered into by HDC and the Rostered Partner for the HDC development project. 


In 2015, the City of London created HDC as a wholly-owned subsidiary to develop and work with partners to advance and create new affordable and supportive housing in London and Middlesex as governed by the Homeless Prevention and Housing Plan (2010-2023):  see for more details.

Housing development projects will include those funded under the Investment in Affordable Housing for Ontario program and other programs determined by HDC or the City of London.  Eligible development projects may include new construction including additions and renovations, acquisition and substantial rehabilitation of rental buildings that are vacant and uninhabitable and conversion of non-residential buildings or units into purpose-built rental buildings/units.

Path to HDC Development Projects

Upon the final determination of Rostered Partners, HDC will invite all Rostered Partners to either individual meetings and/or collective sessions to bring forward innovative ideas to develop affordable and supportive housing projects in London and Middlesex. 

HDC will use these new innovative ideas to inform the Rostered Partners in the creation of Development RFPs.  These Development RFPs could require co-operation, joint venture or partnerships between commercial development/property management companies and community-based housing and service providers listed on the Roster.

Who Should Apply to this Request?

HDC encourages responses to this Request from non-profit organizations, service agencies, and private sector companies with strong development, property management, tenancy support and/or financial capabilities. 

Responses to this Request must include the Request for Rostered Partners in Housing Development Application along with any required attachments.  

Organizations and individuals interested in rostering with HDC should do so independently to best reflect their interests, competences, and capacity in affordable housing. The information requested on the application form should be readily available to organizations.  If assistance is needed, please contact HDC directly for clarification. 

The rostering process is part of the HDC Procurement Policy and approach to project development. There should be no perceived benefit to anyone completing the application except for the intended rostering purpose. 

There is no cost to rostering. There is no requirement or intent for applicants to incur any costs for third party assistance in the completion of this application.

The rostering process assists HDC in aligning community needs with viable resources, plans, and potential investment strategies toward building a sustainable pipeline of affordable housing.  

The roster may temporarily close when bids by invitation only are released to Rostered Partners.

HDC’S Request for Rostered Partners in Housing Development Application

HDC Procurement Policy